Feb 072016

I have not posted anything lately. Of course I am busy with radio. Its winter and I am doing a lot of things. The shack has finally the new ceiling. I only have to mount the led lamps. I had to find lamps witch do not radiate bad signals on my radio’s I have mounted one and this is a good one. No signals on my radio’s. So I ordered a couple.

I am now preparing for the PACC contest.
For the PACC have set up a four square for 40m. The new towers are not in use so I have to do some temporary things also. I am planning a small mast with a rotary dipole for 10 15 and 20m and 2 dipole antennas for 80 and 40m. Thomas PA1M was here to help me set up the 27m High vertical for 160 and 80 m.
I had bad luck with the SteppIR antenna. One of the elements was hanging a little down. We repaired it for now so I can use it for the PACC. I think something is broken in the EHU unit.
The switch off all the HF antennas is already in the field so that’s a bit difficult with no towers around there.
I have also set up a few beverage antennas to help me receive the weak signals on the low bands.