Apr 132011

Today it was one of those days everything goes wrong. When I came home (late) from QRL I looked to the SteppIr antenna and saw that there was something wrong with the position of one element. (2 Fiber poles). When I looked better I could see that the boots who hold the fiber poles in place where broken! This has to be repaired in the coming days otherwise the element will come down.
Later in the evening I started up the moonbounce station to work PJ2/PE1L via the moon. I saw very strange noise all over the screen and of course exactly on 144114 where the DXpedition was transmitting. After disconnecting my Internet switches from power problems where not over yet. I switched off both computers with the power button on the front off the PC and noise was gone. Maybe this was not a good action because the main PC would not start up again. Windows-xp was crashed. I decided that it was enough for this day.