Jul 222015

The (four) tower project is going in the right direction now. There were some problems to solve and with the help off the tower builder it will be ok soon. I have now 3 of the 4 towers ready to be lifted in place. The fourth tower will be replaced by a new one. And I hope to receive this one very soon.
The towers are rotary but also there will be the possibility to turn the top antenna. The will be done next year. But I already mounted the mast for the top antenna and fixed it to the one off the tower legs. We are now in the process of building the guy wires. The upper part of the guy wires are from Phillystran and the lower part is from stainless steel wire. We are using grips to connect the Phillystran to the towers. For all goes according to plan then we will lift in each tower one yagi. I am going to use the yagis I have used in the versatowers and a the Optibeam and a two element for 40 meter. Next year we then will add mono band yagis and put the antennas in there final position. I have to build the mono banders and time is running out.

The four yagis are: C31XR Force 12 14 elements for 10 -15 and 20 meter.
Optibeam 7 elements for 10 – 15 and 20 meter.
SteppIR 4 elements for 10 -15 and 20 meter.
Force 12 2 elements 40m yagi.

The towers are isolated from the ground. The plan is to feed the towers for 160 meter.
The towers placed in a square. 40 meters apart. So if this is going to work then we can switch it as a four square.