Sep 052011

This was an historic weekend. It was the last time the call sign PI4GN will be used on 144mhz for the Veron Vhf, Uhf, Shf beker contest. Due to changes (if they will be accepted) in rules next year the 144mhz group will use the call sign PA1T (jo33jf) and 70cm and up group will use the call sign PI4GN. Qsl for both calls goes to PA1T.

Johan PE9DX, PA4PS and myself where the operators. Jan PA0VAJ, Nap PA1NG and Thomas PA1M helped with startup and break down of the contest antennas. We had a good weekend with nice weather but vey changeable condx. We thank all for the nice contacts. Next major contest here on 144mhz will be The Marconi contest. Operator will be Peter PA4PS