Jan 192013

Vasiliy K3IT has written a program witch makes it possible to record and replay your contest qso’s made with N1MM.
It is called Qsorecorder.
You will find it here http://hamradiomap.com/qsorder/

Make a directory on your pc and name it:  Contesqso’s
Copy the qsorecording program there.  In N1MM fill in the configurer at the the tap: files, recording qso
C:\Program Files\Contestqso’s
or at windows 7 C:|hamfiles|Contestqso.s

In the N1MM. ini file you have to ad:

Start the Qsorecorder program. Make a contact in N1mm. Wait a few seconds (20) and you will see at the qso recording program the call of the contact and the mp3 file.

To replay the contact go to N1MM, your log window, click with the right mouse on the qso and you will see play contact.