PI4GN 144 MHz


PI4GN is the call of a VHF-UHF-SHF contest group from the province of Groningen in the north of the Netherlands. Our contest group PI4GN has about 15 members. Five times a year we take part as a group in the European VHF and up contests.


PI4GN is the contest group from the province Groningen in the very Northeast of the Netherlands. PI4GN started in the 70th with the club call PA0GN mainly doing contests on HF. In the late 80th with call had to change in PI4GN.
The VHF and up group is active since the end of the 70th. They started as gypsies operation from almost any location in the province of Groningen which was suitable. Later we used many fixed places like silos, high buildings etc. At that time there was no cable in the Netherlands so we sometimes had problems with TVI mostly when we were near a city or village.
Since 1990 we have been using the roof of the power plant called the ‘Eemscentrale’ in the Eemshaven. A very good location, no neighbors and antennas on the roof about 50 meters above sea level.
In 2002 we had to leave this fantastic place because of security measures taken by the company because of the 11 September 2001 attack in new York. Now we are contesting from Nanko, PA0V (ex PA0OOM) and Timon, PA1T where we build masts, antennas etc. during the contest weekends.

PI4GN 144 MHz from PA1T

Per 2002 Timon PA1T hosts the 144 MHz crew of PI4GN. The shack is made in the barn.
The 144 MHz contest station uses 3 antenna systems. The main system is the EME array of PA1T 4*17el yagis from M2 in a Versa-tower. The two other systems are 4* 9 element yagi’s. They are mounted on an 10 meter aluminum masts on the ground in Versa-tower head units.

Pi4GN september 2009

Johan pe9dx in action on 144 Mhz
The amplifiers for 144 MHz

4 of the 5 antenna systems in                   From another view.
2009 144mhz IARU Contest.                       Now with the clover leaves.

Pictures from the September IARU contest 2002 PI4GN at PA1T’s place

Thomas PA1m (ex: PA3CEF) Johan PE9DX Eltje PA3CEE PA1M and PA3CEE, old friends
aluminum …… 2 times 4*9 el Tonna 5 towers on a small lot another view
The foot of one of the small 10 meter high masts.
We use a headunits from Versa-tower.
Foot of the other small 10 meter high mast.

Pictures PI4GN 144 MHz May and July 2003

Thomas, PA1M Peter, PE2PS power amp second/third system

This is the shack in the barn which we use only for PI4GN 2 meters.
Left: 3 rotators for the 3 antenna systems we use. Below it a 70 cm transceiver for local talk.
Middle: A Kenwood TS850s with a transverter from SSB, the LT2S. On top the switchbox to switch and monitor the output/swr for all our remote amplifiers and pre-amp
Right: Computer with CTL 4.2 logging program by John PA3ERP. Per 2003 we use N1MM logger (VHFREG1)
Front: Johan, PE9DX is operating. The other 2 meter operators are Thomas, PA1M and Timon, PA1T.

System 1 – 4 * 18 el yagi

System 1: Transistor PA driving the main power amplifier
On the floor the preamplifier on the left and the remote switchbox on the right.

System 2 and 3 – 4 * 9 el yagi (EME array)

System 2: Transistor PA driving the a power amplifier.
in the middle the preamplifier and the remote switchbox in the back.

System 3: Small transistor PA driving a small power amplifier
In front the preamplifier and the remote switchbox on the right.