Aug 302009

30-08-2009      Went with Johan PE9DX to the Bentheim flea market and after that visted the contest dinner at PI4ZI.
24-08-2009     Painted the base of two of the tree crack up towers. Send out the club bulletins of our local radio club.
22-08-2009     Removed and replaced some older coax cables.
20-08-2009     Made some changes to the remote tuner for the first dipole.
18-08-2009     Ordered a SDR-IO sdr radio for the use with cw skimmer.
06-08-2009     I changed the bottum nylon insolator from the vertical.

Jul 312009

31-07-2009    I have found out that the swr of the 160-80m-40m vertical is going from 1.1 up till 1.9 and higher`
(only  on 160m)  if I run constant power. I discussed it with Jan PA0VAJ and Thomas PA1M.  Jan
came  with the idea that it could be the nylon busses between the vertical itself and the vertical
standers witch hold the vertical. We fired up the amplifier and the nylon busses became hot!
I removed the upper nylon bus and put in place a modified Titanex insulator.

10-07-2009   With help from Jeff w2fu from Green Heron I debugged my remote rotor control
03-07-2009   Prepare for the vhf uhf contest.  Put rotor control box on tight tabel etc see
02-07-2009   Put up the extra mast for the vhf contest with the four clover leaves

Jun 292009

29-06-2009   Mounted the last guy wire at the EME system.
26-09-2009   Ordered a cable for the microkeyer to my yaesu FT1000mp Mark5
25-06-2009   Bought a (second hand) microkeyer for my 50mhz station.
20-06-2009   Worked vp2mrt and 8r1db for two new dxcc on 50mhz
17-06-2009   Replaced dipole for 160m and 80m.  Worked tm5sn for a new dxcc on 50mhz
10-06-2009   Replaced the tx coax from the 50mhz yagis. Also changed mounting off coax to the tower.
09-06-2009   Build an SW20 qrp tranceiver (local club project)
04-06-2009   Installed the new coils in the tunimhg unit for the vertical and aligned 80m.
03-06-2009   Worked 4o3a for a new dxcc on 50mhz

01-06-2009   Today I renewed the radial system for the vertical.


I will ad some more radials.

I connected the radials to the copper ring.

I made a copper ring en connected it to the base plate.

Apr 302009

30-04-2009 Thomas PA1M and implementedand tested  some new hardware for the vhf conetest.

25-04-2009 Went with Thomas PA1M to a shortwave listener and helped him with repairing his antennas.
One antenne will be repaired here and put back later.

15-04-2009 Made four new cables to connect a 4 way divider 144mhz pa for pi4gn.

10-04-2009 Made the gying of the eme system stronger. Replaced the temperary ropes by  metel guys.

03-04-2009 Made auto tracking working with the Green Heron tracking program and the Green Heron rotor box (only azimuth)

02-03-2009 Worked  5Z4EME for new 144MHz DXCC

01-04-2009 connected the 144mhz pa to the new eme array. Wkd BX1AD for new dxcc on 144MHz EME.

Mar 312009

31- 03-2009 Removed the beverage antennes.  In oktober they will be set up again.

30-03-2009  Made a better chuck for the elevation of the eme array.

25-03-2009 Aligned the azimuth rotor from the new eme system. Received first eme stations with the rebuild antenna.

23-03-2009 Strong winds made the system elevate 12 degrees.  Have to make a better chuck.

22-03-2009  Finished the cable work and aligned out the antennas. Changed  the actuator.

21-03-2009 With help from Jan we put the antennes back in the H frame.

20-03-2009 I rented a skylift for the weekend.

19-03-2009 Bought new coax cables for the updated EME system (the old ones are now to short)

18-03-2009 Jan PA0VAJ, Thomas PA1M and myself have set the constriction in uprigt position.

17-03-2009 Painted the new EME construction and put it back in the small tower.

16-03-2009 Jan PA0VAJ welded a new construction.

15-03-2009 Starting the rebuild of the crashed moonbounce system. The system crashed late September. It will be rebuild with a few changes.