Apr 252010

Repaird two ham 4 rotators for 2 ham frineds.

Mar 272010
27-03-2010 Peter PA4PS was here to bring the new monitor support arm witch he build for me. Now I am able to put equipment in front of me what is more ergonomic.
06-03-2010 Hosted my station for the VHF UHF SHF contest with the PI4GN callsign.
04-03-2010 Thomas PA1M and Jan PA0VAJ where to repair an amplifier and to help setting up the station  the VHF part of the contest.
Feb 112010
11-02-2010 Set up station for the pacc contest this weekend.
04-02-2010 Connected the TS2000 (432-1296) and the FT1000mp (50mhz) to the Dx Doubler (so2r box) and N1MM
03-02-2010 Shipped my TS850 from Kenwood for repair.
02-02-2010 Finshed building a 4 meter transverter.

Dec 262009
26-12-2009 Boxed the Dx Engenering  RBS-1RT transformer unit for witch was out in the rain .
25-12-2009 Finished  building the beverage switching unit designed by Carel PC5M. Harry Pe1OXP designed a circuit board.
With this box I can switch my 8 relay antenna switch box where the beverage antenna’s are connected to.
I can choose a beverage pushing a button. I do not like choosing a antenna turning a rotary switch.
I like point ant shoot.
06-12-2009 Made instruction file how to run N1MM and morserenner together (see n1mm@morserunner) on this page
05-12-2009 Made two counter weights for my dipoles.
Nov 292009
29-11-2009 Had fun in the CQWW CW contest. 1778 qso’s
24-11-2009 A small tree came down in a storm and fell on a guy wire of my R8. Cut the tree and the R8 survived the action.
Repaired one of the multiband dipoles.
22-11-2009 Made 188 qso’s in the LZ dx contest.
21-11-2009 Made a sesond 40m dipole and mounted it in a tower.
20-11-2009 Due to the storm the 144mhz eme arry was elevated 10 degrees up. Brought it back to 0.
18-11-2009 Set up k9ay loop on a better locaton.
06-11-2009 Started to put up the beverages for the winter season.
04-11-2009 Build and set up a  k9ay loop. Have to move it to a better location later.