Feb 102011

After repairing the vertical and setting it up again it was now time to connect the tuning box to the vertical. After that I had to re-tune the box because the length off the vertical was changed a bit.

Then it was time to repair one off the two dipoles. One of them was broken in the middle and had to be repaired.  I also had to tune the new tuning box for the one off the two dipoles.

Jan 302011

In the morning I repaired the 160 and 80 meter vertical witch came down a few weeks ago. The most time was looking for the right size aluminum tube hi. After that I made new guy wires.  In the afternoon Thomas PA1M, Peter PA4PS and Nap PA1NG came to help to set the 27 meter vertical in vertical position.

Jan 272011

Jeff W2FU from Green Heron has send me an e-mail that there was a new release from his Green Heron rotator and Green Hereon anywhere software. I use the rotator software to control the RT21 rotator boxes.  I tested the new software and it is working fine.

Jan 092011

For the EME system I am using massive rods to guy the system. Due to vibrations this becomes loose all the time.
Changed this temporarily into rope wires now. Will order 4 iron guy wires.

Jan 012011

A few weeks ago I had to remove the dipole for 80 and 160m because the neighbor had to clean the canals around the property.  After a few weeks of snow and cold weather it was a nice day today so I decided to start the  new year good en put the dipole back in service.

Also started cutting some branches that are coming to close at the EME array.