Mar 012013

Normally we are using the eme array for the vhf contest. But the array is not in use at this moment. The small tower is still there. Today I took one off the old 10m long 144mhz yagis from M2 that I still have in stock, put it together and mounted one in the small eme tower as system nr 4 for the contest. Peter PA4PS and Jan PA0VAJ were here to help erect the small mast..


Feb 282013

Today I cranked on of the versatowers down and tilted it over. I replced a broken coax cable from 144mhz relay to the power coupler of the o f the two meter arrays.
I removed some other cables witch where broken and not in use any more.
The cable of the 23cm dish was one off them. So no 23cm for a while.



Feb 252013

K3it has written a program that will record your contest qso’s when using N1MM.
You can find the program here.
follow the instructions.

make a dir Contest-qso’s in the ham files directory. Copy the program there.

In the N1MM configurer put Contest-qso’s at files at tab record

In N1MM.ini you have to add


The line [externalNroadcast] is mostly already there.

To test start qso recorder. Start N1MM. Make a qso.
Wait 30 seconds and in qso recorder you see a line.
Go to the logwindow in N1MM and with right mouse use play contact.




Feb 182013

Was a active for a few housr in ARRL DX CW.

Made 368 qso’s.

Jan 242013

I have added pictures to the station master deluxe page on tis site.