Sep 042019

The 3 meter high EME tower

The Mooobounce array was mounted on a 3 meter tower. This is high enough for moonbounce. The problem was that when mowing the lawn you always have to take care when you are driving around the tower. Second reason for the upgrade was that we are using the eme system also in terrestrial contests.

So I decided to upgrade the tower with a 3 meter tower section that I had still around from the building of the HF towers.

With help from Thomas PA1M I took the tower down. I took the head unit of and mounted the tower section. After that I mounted the head unit back to its position.

Now a challenging part was coming. Lifting the tower a bit so I could mount the yagis back to its position. I had mounted a winch on of my Versatowers to lift the tower. Peter PA4O had welded me a bench on which the tower could rest when I was working on it.

Peter PA4O welding the bench

The winch would have to do a very hard job  too put the tower on the bench  so I had called a friend with a tractor to put it there.

Lifting the tower from the ground

The last part of the upgrade was to set the tower in the upright position.

Yagis o the tower

Thomas PA1M came to help to mount the yagis on the tower.

Tower on the bench

The next day I mounted the couplers and connected all the cables.

Final situation

Jan 052019

I hired a hydraulic platform to repair the dipole of my lower 20m monoband yagi. The left part of the dipole became loose. I placed it back and secured it extra. Ofcourse I inspected also the other side of the dipole.

Dec 262018

I started with the building of the 4 square for 160m. The four towers in the field will be the radiators. I have started to tune one tower. Swr is ok. But final tuning will be done after more radials are installed.

Tuned the tower with a coil.

Connection to the tower


Feb 232018

One of the three crank up towers had a problem. The head unit witch falls into the top section of the tower has two places where it is bolted together. One of them broke. I temporary fixed it. Now I can tilt over the tower and repair is defiantly.

Mounted a temperary threaded rod to the tower.

The top of the threaded rod in the connection on the head unit. See the hole where was the prevuous connection.