Jul 122013

Sunday  i hope to publish some new pictures from work in progress.

Stay tuned.



Jun 152013

Today we where pouring 40m3 concrete for the guy posts and the feet for the towers.
Jan PA0VAJ, Hilco PC1CP, Peter PA4PS, Thomas PA1M and Jan-Fokkern a local farmer helped me. For the job Jan-Fokken brought his shovel.

More pictures later.


Pouring the concrete in the center hole.


We used a shovel with a kubel to transport the concrete from the road to the field.



Jun 072013

Today Jan PA0VAJ was here to help me to place the H Poles for the towers on their place.
The only thing we have to do is align them.


The for poles in the middle. We have to align them properly.


On of the poles on the outside.



May 272013

Today tower builder Simo YT3M has sent me the rotary feet for the new towers. Also he sent me two extra sections for my moonbounce array.


The four feet for the rotary towers.


Close up.










Mast pipes. In two pieces.


Two extra sections for 144 MHZ eme array