My 10 GHZ station



  • Kenwood TS711e on 144 MHz
  • Transverter by DB0NT
  • TWT about 15 watts output.
  • Dish – 75 cm

Building the 10 GHz station

In 2002 I started to build a 10 Ghz – 3 cm station. The target was to work rainscatter. When the equipment was mounted in the tower I managed to work some rainscatter stations. But after a short while there was a problem with he twt. I decided to take it down and try to fix it during the winter. Before I could do it a storm hit and the tower with the 3 cm was on the ground. All the 3 cm equipment survived the crash, except for the metal box. I decided to replace alle the equipment in a new plastic box. Its up in the tower and running.

Pictures from my 10 GHz station

On the left the sequencer board.
The black tube tube like box is a heater to keep the equipment dry when its up the tower.
The blue tube like box is the TWT