UK six meter group All the six meter info you want
This is a good starting page and yes this is where my browser starts.
Local radio club VERON A27 Here we go once a month to discuss ham radio while eating meatballs.
PI4GN Our local VHF and up contest station. The 144 MHz signal is from my station.
PA1M Two meter operator PI4GN
Operator XP1AB, CT3M, LX7A, N4ZC, PA6DX etc
N1MM Free Contest Logger Freeware contest logger for SSB, CW, RTTY and PSK.
This is the one you want!
Alpha amplifiers Very good amplifiers
DX4WIN The logger I use, very good for HF but not very suitable for VHF and up.
The programmer knows HF but knows nothing about higher frequencies.
Microham Antenna switches, so2r stack matches etc
Commander Amplifiers Very good amplifiers from 160m till 144mhz
Comtek systems 160 10 meter 4square switch boxes (se my home page)