CW Skimmer at PA1T


I Sold my SDR-IQ and installed an QS1R for Cw Skimmer. The benefit of the QS1R is that this radio receives 9 bands in one time. So no switching between bands anymore.



The antenna is the bottom half (without the traps) of a Cushcraft R7 with a wire connected to it.

You can connect the skimmer direct.
Open a telnet session in your computer and type o 7300 or make a shortcut to C:\Windows\System32\telnet.exe 7300
The skimmer is online most of the time.

More Info about Cw Skimmer

You can also look here for more skimmers Reverse beacon network For more info about Cw-Skimmer look here.
Introducing CW Skimmer by Pete N4ZR
So you want to skim by Pete N4ZR
What is next in CW Skimmer

W3OA has written a program that lets your skimmer radio scan the bands. If youi have a QS1R you don’t need this.
Skim scan by W3OA

Dave, K1TTT has written a program that collects spots from your CW Skimmer radio and the cluster, you are connected to and put them in them band map of your contest program. Skimmer spots can be recognized by a # at the end.
Wintelnetx by Dave K1TTT