Jun 262010

Started to asemble a new cirquit board to replace the high voltage board in one of the 144mhz gs35 Amps.

Jun 252010

The actuator used for elavation stopped working.
I took it off of the system cleanend it. Then I replaced it. I have got a better one from PA0BAT one will put this one up in future.

May 312010

25-05-2009   Went to Nanko PA0V who made me a new coil form for my 160-80m vertical.

24-05-2009  Installed new Kenwood TM-D710 dual band radio.

12-05-2009  Till 18-05-2009 Visited the Dayton hamvention with Thomas PA1M.

01-05-2009  Last VHF contest we found out that one of the antenna systems did not receive very well. I found out that one of the stacking                            cables was not ok anymore and I replaced it.

Apr 252010

Repaird two ham 4 rotators for 2 ham frineds.

Mar 272010
27-03-2010 Peter PA4PS was here to bring the new monitor support arm witch he build for me. Now I am able to put equipment in front of me what is more ergonomic.
06-03-2010 Hosted my station for the VHF UHF SHF contest with the PI4GN callsign.
04-03-2010 Thomas PA1M and Jan PA0VAJ where to repair an amplifier and to help setting up the station  the VHF part of the contest.