Oct 022011

Today I wanted to make some contacts on 432 and 1296Mhz.
I found out that I could hear only 2 stations on both bands on my TS2000x. The s meter did not react at all. When I moved to FM meter was moving and it seemed that there was more activity in the radio hi. I resetted the radio and tried several things but after some time I decided to try another radio. Immediately I heard a lot of stations. So I can conclude TS2000 is broken….

Sep 272011

I made a new beverage box to house the Dx Engineering RBS-LFP 2 way switching box. Although this box can do without extra enclosure I prefer to double box it.


Sep 262011

Worked 7P8EME 144Mhz moonbounce  for dxcc #105


Sep 072011

Pete N4ZR sanded a message to the contest community  to tell that there is a new aggregator for cw skimmer available.

Pete says “A new Aggregator for CW Skimmer and Skimmer Server spots is now ready for download.  It has several significant new features, and we’d like to get everyone using it ASAP.  Please go to <http://reversebeacon.blogspot.com/> for the full story and a download link. update to the RBN”



Sep 072011

During the contest last weekend the second lcd screen would not work. After some testing it is most likely the that the second port of the video card has died. I had another one, mounted it and voila.