Jan 192013

Vasiliy K3IT has written a program witch makes it possible to record and replay your contest qso’s made with N1MM.
It is called Qsorecorder.
You will find it here http://hamradiomap.com/qsorder/

Make a directory on your pc and name it:  Contesqso’s
Copy the qsorecording program there.  In N1MM fill in the configurer at the the tap: files, recording qso
C:\Program Files\Contestqso’s
or at windows 7 C:|hamfiles|Contestqso.s

In the N1MM. ini file you have to ad:

Start the Qsorecorder program. Make a contact in N1mm. Wait a few seconds (20) and you will see at the qso recording program the call of the contact and the mp3 file.

To replay the contact go to N1MM, your log window, click with the right mouse on the qso and you will see play contact.

Dec 302012

Today in the afternoon  Jan PA0VAJ, Peter PA4PS and Thomas PA1M came to help me to take down the EME system. We cranked the mast down a little and then we took away the 2 antennas at one side. Then we cranked it up and turned the rotor 180 degrees, cranked it down again and took away the other two antennas. The only thing I have to do now is take away the H frame.

DSC00480                                                                                                        DSC00482

Dec 262012

I had already plans to replace and take down the eme system. I have to do it now a bit quicker because one of the top antennas his support has broken last night. We have schedueld it for Friday afternoon. I hope it will stay up till then…..



Dec 062012

Today I got the message that the permit for the four new hf towers is approved.I already have ordered the towers. Building will start in March 2013.

Dec 062012

The 27m high 160 meter vertical was not performimng as it has to be.
I disconected the relay box and made a few changes.
The wire from the coil to the vertical went trough an open hole in the box. I changed this and made  a Pl comnector on the box. When I was running more as 200 watt the swr became sky high. I asked Jan PA0VAJ to see what happens while I was txing. We where ready very fast. The pl connector was smoking….
After that I removed the pl conecotor and conected  the coil to the vertical with an inner part of an rg213 coax kable. I made it a bit water proof so it will last this winter contest season. Next year ever thing will change and the I wil build a better box.