Nov 202012

After a discussion with well known 6 meter dxer Johan Minnema PF7M I decided to go back to one coax line to my six meter yagi. The last years since I have a preamp in the tower I always had two coax lines and a coaxial relay on the top of the tower. The switching was not as good as my to meters system. On two meter I switch in the correct order. On six meter my pa saw sometimes very short a bad swr.  So I decided to change to simple. One line! No preamp anymore.

First I have to bring back the FTV-1000 transverter back to one output. This is now finished. I switched the coax relay at the tower to the tx position and tried it. It is working fine.



Oct 302012

I uploaded the logs from PA1T and the clubstation PI4GN.
For Pi4GN I have uploaded only the VHF UHF SHF logs.

If you need a paper qsl sens a card via the buro or direct.


Oct 302012

I participated in the CQWW SSB contest. The conditions where great.
It was a lot of fun.



Oct 192012

The Spider pole at the top of the vertical was inserted a little.
Jan PA0VAJ, Thomas PA1M, Nap PA1NG en myself took the vertical down and repaired it.


Oct 122012

Winter is on the corner and the CQWW also.  So it is  time to see what is the status off the low band antennas. Well I found out that the  remote tuner for the north south dipole is swimming.

It is only a coil a few c’s and a small motor so I hope I will manage to get it working again.

The other dipole had one broken leg and i repaired it.

The spider pole on top of the vertical for 160  and 80 meter is inserted a little bit and has to come down to be repaired. Thats planned for next week.