Beverage antennas


Since a few years I am using beverage antennas for rx on 160, 80 and 40 meters.

I am using 2 two wire beverages.

  • The first beverage is pointed to 170 degrees (reverse 010)
  • The second beverage is pointed to 105 degrees (reverse 285)

The DXE-RBS-1P Matching unit for the two wire beverages have been bought from DX Engineering.
The four coaxcables are going to a switch box in the shack

Beverage set up pictures

Beverage box 170/10 degrees

Beverage box 105/285 degrees


Feed point  300- 120 degree 2 wire beverage

beverage far end with cover

Two wire beverage far end with cover for the rain.

beverage far endt

Far end op the 2 wire set up (without plastic cover)