Apr 042015

I bought 80m of 1 1/4 inch (39mm) Celflex hardline coax. This will be used to feed the double ten switch in the field.

Apr 042015

The computer for the 6 meter table had a problem. It switched of and I could hardly start it up.
I found out that when I connected to the internet the computer shuts down. I mounted a second ethernet card and now it is up and running again.



Feb 262015

WRTC World Radiosport Team Championship was held in New England USA in July 2014. See the movie and you will learn more about Ham Radio contesting.

Feb 262015

Next weekend the VHF UHF SHF contest season is starting.
Before we can start I have to do some repairing and preparation.

Today I went to Jaap PA0T. One of my 1144 MHz preamps with a smd hempt fet in is broke. These smd fets are too small for me and Jaap would like to help. We were lucky. It was not the fet that was caused the problem but a loose contact. We also looked to one of the driver pa’s. It would not switch. It was repaired before and a switch transistor made bad contact. This was a easy repair but hard to find.

Feb 232015

This weekend was ARRL DX CW.  I had to go to qrl. So the only thing I have done is working a few stations. I like this contest. So next year I need to arrange some days off from qrl.

Arrl 2015 cw