Feb 112010
11-02-2010 Set up station for the pacc contest this weekend.
04-02-2010 Connected the TS2000 (432-1296) and the FT1000mp (50mhz) to the Dx Doubler (so2r box) and N1MM
03-02-2010 Shipped my TS850 from Kenwood for repair.
02-02-2010 Finshed building a 4 meter transverter.

Dec 262009
26-12-2009 Boxed the Dx Engenering  RBS-1RT transformer unit for witch was out in the rain .
25-12-2009 Finished  building the beverage switching unit designed by Carel PC5M. Harry Pe1OXP designed a circuit board.
With this box I can switch my 8 relay antenna switch box where the beverage antenna’s are connected to.
I can choose a beverage pushing a button. I do not like choosing a antenna turning a rotary switch.
I like point ant shoot.
06-12-2009 Made instruction file how to run N1MM and morserenner together (see n1mm@morserunner) on this page
05-12-2009 Made two counter weights for my dipoles.
Nov 292009
29-11-2009 Had fun in the CQWW CW contest. 1778 qso’s
24-11-2009 A small tree came down in a storm and fell on a guy wire of my R8. Cut the tree and the R8 survived the action.
Repaired one of the multiband dipoles.
22-11-2009 Made 188 qso’s in the LZ dx contest.
21-11-2009 Made a sesond 40m dipole and mounted it in a tower.
20-11-2009 Due to the storm the 144mhz eme arry was elevated 10 degrees up. Brought it back to 0.
18-11-2009 Set up k9ay loop on a better locaton.
06-11-2009 Started to put up the beverages for the winter season.
04-11-2009 Build and set up a  k9ay loop. Have to move it to a better location later.
Oct 212009
20-10-2009 Finaly got n1mm to record my qso’s with the Microham mk2r+. See the screenshots for more info

18-10-2009 Connected the Green Heron rotor boxes to the computers using usb seriel adapters.
Had some trouble loosing contact between operating desk HF and VHF-UHF when I used the
usb connection. Now it is working fine.  Wil try usb later again. On different operating desks are
Green Heron boxexs connected to different computers.
13-10-2009 Put cw skimmer on an other pc.  Added  a cw skimmer link on my website.
11-10-2009 Worked PY2RSB for a new dxcc on 144mhz moonbounce
Sep 282009
28-09-2009 The eme system co uld not elevate lower as 5 degrees.  Solved the problem..
26-09-2009 Put up a vertical antenne for the skimmer receiver.
24-09-2009 Finaly I got the skimmer to work from the outside world. There was problem in the router.
19-09-2009 Installed Wintelnetx from K1TTT and Skimscan from W3OA. CW skimmer is now running and the spots from cluster and skimmer are going to the bandmap of N1MM logger.

Left Wintelnetx.(K1TTT)  Middle Skimscan (W3OA)        Right  CW Skimmer. (VE3NEA)

18-09-2009 Serviced a rotator for a local ham.  Played with the new sdr iq radio.
14-09-2009 Build and set up a  K9AY loop. Have to move it to a better location later.
06-09-2009 144 MHz IARU contest using callsign PI4GN
05-09-2009 144 MHz IARU contest using callsign PI4GN

Johan PE9DX  busy in the contest.

The 4 clover leaves and the 4 Tonnas are on temperary towers.

Behind the tree at the right is the tower with the clover leaves.

04-09-2009 Thomas PA1M and Jan PA0VAJ came and we made the extra towers for the 144mhz contest ready so that we only had to put them straigt up on saturday
03-09-2009 With help from Jan PA0VAJ we got the 144 MHz pa running
01-09-2009 Busy with building a 144 MHz GS35 amplifier.