Jul 042011

Without Johan PE9DX who is very busy to move to a new lot, Peter PA4PS and I did the contest.
Thomas PA1M and Jan PA0VAJ and on sunday Nap PA1NG helped with setting up the extra fourth tower.

Conditons where fine on 144 Mhz. We made nice distances. The contest went ok. All the equipment stayed ok.

Jun 302011

After checking several things Thomas PA1M came with the idea to change the power supply.
I bought a new one. Put it in and yes. Problem solved. The Skimmer pc is now online most of the time.


Jun 242011

After a while running Cw Skimmer server the skimmer pc stops working.
Even the main start button is not working anymore…
I am trying to find out what is happening. At thirst I thought it was overheating of the video card.
But after some extra cooling temperature is down and pc is still not happy.
I have it now running connected to the cluster and it stays up.
So probably it is something with the usb ports.

Jun 212011


After the hard disc crash from a time ago I still had to set up the rest of the programs on that pc. I had to set up again N1mm, Dx4win, Wintelnetx and the so2r box software from K1XM.
For now everything is working again.
Now I have to label al the cables so I can make quicker changes.



Jun 202011

I installed the new adsl modem witch my provider sanded me.
I got also two new switches. The old ones form Sweex gave some noise carriers on 145 Mhz. With the new switches it is silent again.