Jan 052019

I hired a hydraulic platform to repair the dipole of my lower 20m monoband yagi. The left part of the dipole became loose. I placed it back and secured it extra. Ofcourse I inspected also the other side of the dipole.

Dec 262018

I started with the building of the 4 square for 160m. The four towers in the field will be the radiators. I have started to tune one tower. Swr is ok. But final tuning will be done after more radials are installed.

Tuned the tower with a coil.

Connection to the tower


Feb 232018

One of the three crank up towers had a problem. The head unit witch falls into the top section of the tower has two places where it is bolted together. One of them broke. I temporary fixed it. Now I can tilt over the tower and repair is defiantly.

Mounted a temperary threaded rod to the tower.

The top of the threaded rod in the connection on the head unit. See the hole where was the prevuous connection.