Antenna Farm


Antennas and towers at PA1T

The antennas at the stations have changed the last years.
In 2016 and 2017 I added 4 new towers in the field next to the house.
The station now has 7 towers and an small eme tower.

Tower 1, 2 and 3 close to the house are crack up towers and are used for VHF only.
The 3 towers each hold two M2 antennas with 10 meter long booms. These 3 towers are used for contesting and dxing. In tower 2 is also a six meter yagi mounted with a 10 meter long boom. Tower 3 holds also a 70cm yagi. The 23cm dish is not used at this moment.

The four new towers in the field are rotating towers with a hight off 25 meters and a top mast and are I numbered them tower 4, 5 , 6 and 7.

Tower 4 has a 4 element SteppIR yagi. In near future I will add a second 4 element SteppIR yagi and use those two as a stack for the high HF bands and 50 Mhz
Tower 5 has a 2 element 40m meter yagi in top. In future the plan is to add another 40m Yagi and couple of 10 meter yagi’s.
Tower 6 holds a 7 element Optibeam for 10, 15 and 20 meters. A C31XR will go up in spring and I will use these yagis as a stack and as multiplier antennas. Also a dipole from SteppIR for 40 meter is in this tower. The C31XR and the 40 meter dipole are rotatable seperate from the tower.
Tower 7 has a stack of two 5 element OpDes Yagi’s from InnovAntennas.
Between tower 5 and 7 is a dipole situated at 23 meters for 160 and 80 meters.

Other antennas in the field are:
Vertical 27 m high for 160 80 and 40m.
4 square for 40 meters.
4 square for 80m. Is hanging between the four towers.

For rx on the low bands there four Beverage antennas. The east west beverages are 268 meter long. The north south beverages are 100 meter long.

R8 from Cushcraft 40m till 6m. This is usesd for my cw skimmer.