Who is PA1T


Hello and welcome to my website.

My name is Timon Kruijer, 56 years of age.
In my free time I am a fanatic Amateur Radio operator with a wide interest.
I am qrv from 160 meters till 3 cm and do also moonbounce on 144 MHz.
What I do like most is DX-ing and contesting.
The 144 MHz part off my station is also used as contest location for PI4GN.
The callsings I have used from the day I became a ham are:
PD0PAO Novice licence from 27-5-1986 until 01-06-1987.
PE1MDD Technical licence from 05-06-1987 untill 31-05-1988
PA3FBN A class licence from 01-06-1988 until 31-11-2000
PA9KT A class Licence from 01-12-2000 until 11-08-2003
PA1T A class Licence from 12-08-2003 until now.