80 meter 4 square


For a long time I wanted to play on 80 meters with a four square antenna.
In 2001 we were in Dayton for the Hamvention and we decided to drive to Comtek Systems where I bought the switch box for an 80 meter 4 square.

Back home I started to build the four verticals. I got advise from Bouke PA0ZH who already had a four square antenna system.

The verticals are made in two parts. The lower 10 meter is made from aluminum and the upper 9 meter is a telescoping tower bought from DK3SU. The aluminum part exists out op 5 different types of aluminum starting at 60 mm (outside diameter ) up to 30 mm (outside diameter).

One of the verticals in parts. Left the post. In the middle the 7 aluminum pipes.
At the right the telescoping tower from DK6SI

The vertical in three parts. In these three parts I transported it to the farmers ground.

Only to show what 19m vertical is. Later it would turn out that the verticals were a little to short.

To fill up the difference between the aluminum pipe and the fiber glass tower I made 2 nylon rings.

The ring between the fiberglass tower and the aluminum pipe. To put up a 20 meter high vertical you have to have a good base. I made it from plastic PVC pipe. I drilled a few holes in it. One hole is for a bolt. The vertical is standing on this bolt. Lower a few holes to let the water out when raining is essential.

Next to the base you can see the coax connection. It’s made from 40 mm PVC pipe and filled with hars. The shield is connected to the aluminum earth pin where also the radials are connected to.

Here a total view of the 4square. Second from the right (in front) is the Titanex V160s. Most left the mobile Versa tower in lowest position.

This is a picture of the Comtek Systems box and next to it the dummy load. To the right a plastic box which covers the whole to protect from the rain.

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