Apr 222024

To switch all the available antennas for the two HF stations Thomas PA1M and I have designed and build a new antenna switch system. All the switches are steered by MicroHAM software and hardware.
All the switches are home made by several designs. Last part off the new system is to build 6 high p[owner bandpass filters and buy 3 triplexers.
Also I have to finish the cables and make it more correctly.

Switching system

In this part the four radio have their coax entry.

In this part are the switch for each band.

Here are the U links from MicroHAM witch wil swicht all the realys in the switch as also the other parts outside like stack switches relays for tuners etc.


Apr 222024

A ham radio friend who owns a drone visited me and made a nice picture with his drone.
I was a bit windy so next time he will come back and make a fly by.

Home and view of all the towers

Home and viw off al the towers

Apr 222024

Since last update of the shack I made some changes.

I added a few rotor control boxes (RT21 Green Heron) to steer the rotators in the top of the rotary towers.
I added two Meastro’s for the Flex 6600 radios’s.
I build a rack for the second HF station the same as is in use for HF and VHF station.
The last updates will finalize this part of the station.
More updates in the near future will take place outside.


Equipment VHF Station