Oct 112015

With the new towers still on the ground I need an extra antenna for 20 meters because I want to run so2r.
Therefore I have built a two element phased vertical system.  It has two main directions, north west and south east. I can with it also as an omni antenna.
The antenna has two verticals of about 5 meters high, a switch box, 2 84 degrees phase lines and a 71 degree loop line. For a low angel take off am lot of ground radials are necessary!

2015-10-11 15.26.43

Cover for water and snow.

2015-10-11 15.25.03

The switch box with phase lines and loop line.

2015-10-11 13.14.02


2015-10-11 13.17.02

phase lines and loop line

The 2 verticals

The 2 verticals