Jan 052014

Now the renovation of the house is close to be finished I have begun to restart the radio hobby. The past half year there was nearly time for radio, so lots of projects are on the list. I have moved the moonbounce tower to the field and the antennas have to be mounted and cables be connected. The most time consuming project is the erection of the four new towers and the building and mounting off the new HF antennas.

Also also a big project is the moving of the shack from the barn to the house.
I am glad I will have the shack in the house and on ground level. So radio is nearby ll the time!


Jan 042014

A few days ago Peter PA4PS asked me to activate my skimmer again because he would like to use it with the N1MM contest program. I started it up and after some help it was also running at Peter his computer. Thomas PA1M and Peter said there where not much spots. I remembered that there was something wrong with the antenna, I looked outside and saw that I had dismantled the antenna.  I had not realized that i did that some where in September. Only the bottom part of the R7 was still standing op. I have added some aluminum tubes and an extra wire and for now it is working fine again. Later I will move the skimmer antenna to a better place.