Jul 292013

Hilco PC1CP designed and welded me a gin pole system with witch we can lift the tower sections and an antennas. I have painted them quickly (forgot a few places hi) and we are ready for action.


Have to pint them later a bit better. but lets try it first.


Jul 262013

Jan-Fokken with his shovel closing the holes and flatten the terrain a bit.

Jan Fokken came with his shovel and closed holes of the guy wire poles.

Jul 202013

This afternoon Jan PA0VAJ, Nap PA1NG  and Peter PA4PS came to help and put the first four towers sections on their feet.


The four towers on their feet.

Jul 182013

The hole for the guy post is 1.4 meter deep and 2 by 2.5 meter wide. Only the bottom 60cm is filed with concrete. On the poles are two wings welded. I wanted both of them in the concrete. With only 60cm of concrete the upper wing was not in the concrete, Also i want that the concrete is up till the surface so the post is not standing in the water.

For this we made two moulds. One for the bottom part and one for the upper part.  Jan PA0VAJ and I poured the concrete we did one pole every day.


The concrete factory ready to start.




Jul 122013

Sunday  i hope to publish some new pictures from work in progress.

Stay tuned.