Mar 312013

I had a few trees who where going to be dead, (an expert told me) and one which blocked the 2 meter array in northern direction taken down by Nap PA1NG and a friend of Nap. Two wweks ago the did the first one but it was to windy then to do the other two.
Nap takes the wood home for his wood stove.




One down.











Hmm… the second one fell in the ditch.





Danica is checking the battle













Work done. The two meter yagis have again clear view in the aurora direction

In the Netherlands we may not burn on the ground. In a oil can is ok.
Sure, you think what I think. Rules, rules……..




Mar 292013


Today I sorted out the boxes Simo YT3M sended me. I put it in boxes so i can sort out easely the stuff I need when I assemble the tower parts together.

Flanges  to be connected to the rings.


Bearing for the top mast.


Flanges to be connected to the rings.









These are the bolts and nuts to put the tower sections together.


Put them in a box.










Mar 162013

The tower sections for the four new towers any the guy wire posts build by Simo YT3M arrived today.  Jan PA0VAJ, Hilco PC1CP, Peter PA4PS, and Nap PA1NG came to help to unload the truck.


Truck with the towers has arrived.



The tower sections


The posts for the guy wires



One of the rings in witch the tower will turn.




Mar 112013

With the return of the winter here I thought it was a good idea to bring the pile of qslcards to an end. I labeled about 700 qso’s for PI4GN and 500 for my own callsign. There is a small pile of cards left. I will that the coming days. DSC00516

Mar 042013

Its is march so the VHF contest season has started.  Pater PA4PS, Johan PE9DX and myself made 630 qso’s. The  total distance was 224482 km with EA2DR/P  in IN83FE  (1352 km ) as best dx. We had no real problems. The only thing happene d was that the sound card of the pc would not play the WAV. files. I repaired that at night, so that we at the much slower sunday could use it.

Left Picture:  Johan PE9DX at the controls. In April 2013 he will be active as 9G5EME with PA3CEE and PE!L
Right picture: the single 10 meter l0ng M2 yagi is used instead of the eme array. This yagi will move to one of the versatowers in near future.

DSC00506      DSC00511