Jul 132012

Today it rained all they so I started with the stack off unanswered qsl cards from my own call. These are ready fro the qsl buro now. Now I have to do the cards for the contestclub PI4GN. There is a big stack to go….

Jul 122012

Today I recieved the new HP color laser printer and installed it. It went smoothly and felt immediately better as the old Epson witch is in the trash can now.

Jul 092012

Today again I tried to get my Epson Styles 510sx printer to print a letter for me.
As usual it does not work. This is the worst printer I have ever had in my live.
It always says the cartridges are empty. Of course they are not. If you finally get some ink on the paper then is super bad quality and you have to clean the ink canals form the printer.
There is only one way with this printer, in the trash can.
And believe me never but never by an Epson printer!!