Jun 242012

During tuning Before the last 144Mhz contest we found out that one of the gs35 amps gave not enough power. We replaced the amp then by another one. I found now that the the problem was that a wire with high voltage one it connected to the the tube was broken. I fixed it and power is there again. Another one has a problem at start up so thats the next one one the table.

Jun 222012

A little late this year, but today I removed the two wire beverage antennas and the fiberglass poles on witch they are mounted.

Jun 142012

Today I made my first qso on 4 meter with Jan PA0VAJ.
We had some difficulties finding why we had so bad rx. We txed on 14.040 and found that with a small wire as antenna we had more rx as with the HB9CV witch is situated on a small pipe outside. We looked at the yagi with I not had aligned yet and Jan found a shortage at the connector. We have put in a better capacitor and a better connector now it is working fine.

Jun 132012

Last year I already build a 4 meter transverter. I only had to connect it to an HF radio. I decided to make a switch box so I can choose between the standard FTV1000 who is behind the FT1000MP and the 4 meter transverter. This is working fine Now. Jan PA0VAJ build me a small PA so I have now 2 watt. No I am not going to run qrp. A bigger amp already is build but I need more drive power.

Jun 122012

To start working some sporadic E on 4 meter I need an antenna.
As I do not want to put a yagi on the towers right now I build a HB9CV as a temperary antenne. I put it on a 6 meter pipe with no rotator.