Apr 282012

The eme system has had a bad time during a few storms this winter. I am planning to replace it by my old head unit which was in a tower a few years ago. I have to build a small tower from about two meters to put the head unit on. The big advantage is that there is already a motor with a chain on it. So I do not need an rotator. I have to modify the elevation part because I was not able to elevate to 90 degrees wit that system. When the canal next to the house is closed then I will move the eme system there. I will be as low above the ground as possible. This is not possible on the position where it is now.

I have put the old head unit out of the mud to rebuild and paint it.




Apr 282012

Today I have managed to work the dxpedition by Rene PE1L and Frank DL8YHR Ey8zf.
Although I have some difficulties with the me system I could make the qso for a new DXCC #107.





Apr 102012

The TS-2000 is back from repair. I installed it in the new house shack.
With the stationmaster deluxe I am now able to use all the antennas from the house shack and the main shack. It works wonderful. Microham did a great job.

Apr 032012

Peter PA4PS was here to run the NAC contest with The PA1T 144Mhz contest station.
Peter made 118 qso’s. Whe got some reports about bad audio. We have to fix this before the May VHF UHF SHF contest.