Mar 122012

Saturday I received the Stationmaster and the 4×4 switch from Micoham.
Today I have installed  the SMD in the shack in the house.
Now I am able to steers all the gear in the main shack from the house.
The SMD steers all the rotators and switch all the available antennas.


Mar 112012

When I looked at my computer log at dx4win I was missing a view stations I have worked a few days ago.
O.a. HK0NA. It seemed that I made an error when I was updating the log with the contest logs.
I scanned all the drives but nil. Later I scanned also my external drive and I found the qso’s back in a back up log there……pfff.

Mar 062012

Last year I had some trouble with the 40m-30m dipole from the Steppir.
We made some changes and it worked well for some time.
During  the PACC contest on Sunday the swr was going from 1.1:1 to 1.3:5 etc. That was enough for me. I have removed the dipole end put the original dipole back.


Mar 042012

Finally spring is starting.

Johan PE9DX, Peter PA4PS and I have been participating is the VHF contest.
To be short. Conditions where bad. Activity was low. Hopefully in May we have more activity on the bands. Also on the higher bands PI4GN guys at Nanko’s place reported the same.

Thanks to Thomas PA1M, Jan PA0VAJ and Nap PA1NG who helped to setup the temporary tower.

Mar 012012

Thomas PA1M was here to help to set up the amplifiers and computers for the upcoming VHF contest. It has been a whole time ago the PI4GN group has used a different call than PI4GN.
Well starting this season PI4GN will be on 144Mhz PA1T and on other bands PI4GN.