Feb 102012

Since the temperatures are below zero one of my 4 Prosistel rotors is frozen. It’s the one who turns the Steppir antenna. I (was) am not sure if it is the rotor or it’s the bearing on top of the tower, which is made from nylon . The antenna mast pipe is fitting very tightly.
I went up with some hot water and sprayed it over the rotor.
When I was in the shack I could turn the rotor…

Feb 022012

Thomas PA1M was here and we tried to find out what the problem is with the ICE 419B. There is a bad SWR on 10m. We found that the caps where probably out of specs.  The colar looked not good hi. My Caps meter is at Jan PA0VAJ his shack hi, and we could not reach Jan. So we stopped and Thomas took it home to finish it there.