Dec 302011

A few days ago is saw that the rope  from the overhead boom supporting the the six meter yagi had broken. If the yagi breaks in two pieces and comes down it will fall on my Force12 C31XR… and that not what I want. The weather forecast says storm so I decided to take action. This morning I cranked down the tower en tilted it over and repaired the rope. Starting at 10.00 am  with sunshine and ready at 12.00 am. At 13.30 it started raining again…..

Dec 272011

Due to work on the top floor of my shack the CW Skimmer server  is not always available the coming weeks.


Dec 142011

In 2010 I was in Dayton at the Hamvention with Thomas PA1M. There we saw the Station Master hardware from Microham. A fine piece of equipment that can switch and control all the antennas and rotators of a ham station. I then learned that there would be a more advanced Station Master with would be named Station Master Deluxe (SMD). It took some time to finish and bring this piece of hardware on the market. Josef OM7ZZ told me what the boxes could do and I ordered two of them for my station. A short time ago Josef told me they were ready to ship. I bought two Station Master Deluxe and a couple of U links. It took me a couple of weeks to install it all. With the fine help of Josef from Microham it is now working fine and I am very happy with it.

For pictures and the story please see the Station Master Deluxe section on this site.

Dec 142011

During the weekend of 27 and 28 October I was active in this contest.
For the first time I was using the new Stationmaster Deluxe hard ware from Mircoham.

I could not participate the whole weekend but I managed to make 1560 qso’s and 1.198359 points.
Everything survived. The new Station masters worked great!!