Aug 072011

Moved the vertical to the land. The noise is now complete gone.
I made a temporary base from old wood. I want to see how I have to make it that I can quickly lay down the verticals. I have already learned the wooden poles have to become longer otherwise the pvc pipe will break. I connected the vertical to the radio and compared it to the R8. I was impressed. Yesterday when the vertical was on the fence the R8 was far better because off the noise but now it is the other way around.

Aug 052011

I have made a vertical for 40m. it is an prototype to see how it working and what I have to change when I need 4 of these for my for square. I mounted it next to the shack at the fence. At this place it picks up a lot of noise from the house and the shack. Will move it to the land soon. To connect the coax and the radials I made a connection box. I think that when engendering is finished I will fill the box with resin.

Aug 042011


Yesterday Bert PE1RKQ brought me an airco with he bought for me in Germany. It has an indoor and an outdoor unit. Today I made the holes in the wall and mounted the in and outdoor unit on his place.