Aug 252011

After some discussions with Thomas PA1M I made a second version off the 40m vertical. I changed the wooden pole from a double one to a single. (pa1m) I also changed the pivot with a hinge. At last I made at the bottom off the pvc pipe a coupler. I now can easily remove the vertical element when I do not use it. (Summer time).

Aug 182011

Today Arjen PA7LV and Thomas PA1M were here to help me to take out the 40m dipole and see if there is the same problem as at Thomas his dipole.

My dipole also has trouble to go to 40m. We found a rib in the dipole and we filed this away. Johan PF7M told that this could not be the real problem but up till now it is function well.
I hope it will keep up. Otherwise I will remove the 30-40m dipole and bring it back to a 4 ele Steppir from 20 till 6m.

Aug 172011

The driver element of the C31XR was a little bit out of position. Today I cranked down the mast and set it back.

Aug 162011

Today I went to Thomas to see what cause the problem on 40m from his brand new Steppir.

Arjen PA7LV was also there.

After some tests we found out that one or both elements around the 30 meter frequency. That’s when he comes out of the banana. When we looked very carefully inside we saw small pieces of plastic from the clamp who is making the connection between the element and de (.  We removed this carefully and did this on both sides.

After that we put it all together and problem is solved.  Of course this a factory made fault. Maybe a Monday morning product?


Aug 152011

Today Thomas PA1M and Jan PA0VAJ where here to help with the mounting of the new boots on the Steppir antenna. We also did some other small projects who I was not able to do alone.
We also hoped to solve the bad swr 40m problem off my Steppir.
But we did not find any water in the tubes as we thought there would be. So what else can cause the problem off bad swr on 40m?
Maybe I find out tomorrow as I go to Thomas to look for the same problem at Thomas his shiny new stepper who has also a problem on 40m.

Jaap PA0T was also here also to repair an amplifier which we are using for vhf uhf shf contest.