Jun 092011

To train your cw skills in a real contest environment Don K7OG has connected two fine programs together. Most of you will know Morse runner from VE3NEA and N1MM contest logger software. Don K7OG connect these two programs together and now it is possible to improve your cw skills in a real contest with noise lids etc Also you can improve your n1mm skills. How to do it you can read on this website at projects and then n1mm and morse runner.

Jun 082011

Thomas Pa1m was here to help and see if we could get the qs1r to run on nine bands at once. Finaly we did and it is now up and running.
I will make a link on the website where you can log in and see the spots.

Jun 072011

Today we finalist the setup of the new mast at PA1M. We also started to assemble the new Steppir antenna.
When Thomas has bought a control line we can put the yagi in the mast.

Jun 052011

Today I was busy setting up the new Qs1r sdr radio which I want to use for cw skimmer. I sold my old Sdr-iq and bought this one because this one can scan 9 bands at the same time.
Had some trouble getting it running but finally I had it running with the software that came witch the radio. After that I started Cw Skimmer and that was also running. I could either not get it running with Cw Skimmer server. To be continued.