Jun 302011

After checking several things Thomas PA1M came with the idea to change the power supply.
I bought a new one. Put it in and yes. Problem solved. The Skimmer pc is now online most of the time.


Jun 242011

After a while running Cw Skimmer server the skimmer pc stops working.
Even the main start button is not working anymore…
I am trying to find out what is happening. At thirst I thought it was overheating of the video card.
But after some extra cooling temperature is down and pc is still not happy.
I have it now running connected to the cluster and it stays up.
So probably it is something with the usb ports.

Jun 212011


After the hard disc crash from a time ago I still had to set up the rest of the programs on that pc. I had to set up again N1mm, Dx4win, Wintelnetx and the so2r box software from K1XM.
For now everything is working again.
Now I have to label al the cables so I can make quicker changes.



Jun 202011

I installed the new adsl modem witch my provider sanded me.
I got also two new switches. The old ones form Sweex gave some noise carriers on 145 Mhz. With the new switches it is silent again.

Jun 092011

In Dayton I saw something that I had never seen before.

A touch paddle for cw. I tried it and decidedto bring one home.
Today I connected the paddle to the radio.
It is a little quick but I like it.

They are also availeble with a cwkeyer build in.

For more info www.cwtouchkeyer.com


Left the new Toch Paddle.  Right the Bencher.