May 272011

Today I put windows 7 on the crashed pc. I found out that a loose connector at the hard disc might have been the problem with that pc.

May 262011

From Dayton I brought the Green Heron Wireless remote control. I want to use this for switching the 2 new 4 squares that I want to set up in the autumn. Switching is done on 2.3 GHz. You can make hot keys on the keyboard to switch the four directions. There is also the possibility to switch it with a touch screen. That is the way I am going to use it.

May 242011

Finally home from Dayton Hamvention. On Sunday the flight from Dayton to New York had a delay. When I landed on Newark New York my flight to Amsterdam just left hi. I brought home some nice things like a remote switch system from Green Heron, a QS1R SDR radio to replace my SDR-IQ radio for the use of CW Skimmer and a touch keyer. Also bought another Green Heron RT21d rotor box to control another rotator.