Mar 112011

If I am not using Dx4win I like to have a dx cluster running which knows what dxcc countries I need. To import the adif file direct from Dx4win to Rxcluster does not work. I first export it from Dx4win to N1MM logger and then export it from N1mm and import in Rxcluster.

Mar 092011

Today I modified the read out from the Prosistel rotator witch moves the eme system from potentiometer read out to pulse read out. The older Prosistel rotators who are in the other towers have the motor straight up and had a fan witch I removed and on the shaft I made a magnet. At the cover I had connected a pulse reader.
On the newer Prosistels this is not possible anymore because they don’t have a fan. I now mounted a motor unit of an old actuator parallel to the motor of the Prosistel. I now can use the pulse read out of this actuator to read the pulses. I had to reprogram the Green Heron rotor box from potentiometer read out to pulse.
This is easily done by changing two jumpers in the box.

Mar 062011

Saturday morning Thomas PA1M and Jan PA0VAJ came to help the operators Peter PA4PS, Johan PE9DX and myself to set op an extra tower. After some coffee and pie we started to set up this small tower with the 4* 9 elements Tonna antennas witch compleets our 4 tower station for the 144mhz part of the contest. Then we fired up the computers, radio and amps and made it all to a working station.
Johan PE9DX arrived also. The contest started at 1500 local and the condx where good. Sunday the contacts slowed down but the condx where still ok and some nice dx was worked.
Everything played well and thee where no major problems.

Mar 042011

I have fired up the 144mhz amplifiers to see if everything was working for the upcoming contest weekend. It looks good sofar.