Feb 172011

With Johan PE9DX, Eltje PA3CEE and Rene PE1L in Gambia as C56EME I had to startup the moonbounce part off the staion to make a qso with them. Due to temporary less time playing moonbounce was a while ago. What is was expected was true. The actuator for elevation was not willing to move. With a smal ladder  I was able to give the actuator a  push on its head and things where running again. After listening a while I worked BD4SY for a new DXCC and after that I worked the boys in Gambia also for a new DXCC. I made some other contacts and I can say that the station still works fine.

Feb 172011

The conditions where bad but it was fun to play around. Everything stayed alive and the station worked fine.
SO2R is a challenge. Hopefully I can start this spring with building two new four squares.  Then I have more antennas to choose from which is making SO2R more fun.

Feb 112011

I am always struggling with the MK2R and the wave files for the Icom 7800.

This time I decided to see what causes the real problem and make it working so that it works again next week. After reading the manual I found out that there was the possibility to change  a few jumpers in the MK2R to get a preamp working. I decided to give it a try. The manual says older Icom radios needed the preamp  (I thought an 7800 is not so old). It worked out well. The wave files are playing like never before.

Today also put the latest firmware in my oldest Alpha 9500.

Feb 102011

After repairing the vertical and setting it up again it was now time to connect the tuning box to the vertical. After that I had to re-tune the box because the length off the vertical was changed a bit.

Then it was time to repair one off the two dipoles. One of them was broken in the middle and had to be repaired.  I also had to tune the new tuning box for the one off the two dipoles.