Nov 282010

Started building two Double Ten Switches. Print design is from Harry PE1OXP. With these switches I want to switch the band filters which I have to use when I am running SO2R.

Nov 202010

The YCCC SO2R box is ready.
The only thing to do is making the cables between the box and the radio’s.

Nov 192010

Today I checked the board of the YCCC SO2R box. Could not find any difficulties. Applied 12v power and all went OK. Then I connected the board to the USB port off the computer and loaded the software. It worked first time.

Nov 122010

Finished building of the cirquit board of the yccc so2r box.
All parts where there. Documentation was good. Had some help from the pictures on their website.
The storm is over and I have no damage on the towers and antennas. The only thing was that the 80 meter dipole became loose from a tower.