Oct 312010

CQWW 2010 is over.
1530 qso’s and lots of unexpected trouble. The newly mounted 40m dipole is mounted to high for the tower next it. The c31xr was not able to move over the dipole. Oeps! Mostly my dipoles come down if I am putting to much force on it but just this time I had used very strong wire….. The yagi is now pointing in a wrong direction. I have to fix this right away.
Second big problem was that my micro band decoder from Microham did not read the ci-v commands from the main radio, and did sometimes his own thing. I did not see this before and have to look what causes this problem. It is not HF because the decoder also did styoid things as I was not transmitting. I will not spend to much time to it because I have ordered two station master deluxe boxes at Micoham. The positive thing from the CQ WW was that 15m was wide open to the USA and that my vertical on 160 did a good job. Also the dipoles feeded by a new temporary home made tuner did very wel. I have lots of work before CQWW CW.

Oct 262010

Did some work on the skimmer vertical antenna. Cranked up the towers and tuned the dipoles for 80m.

Oct 232010

One leg off the 40m wire dipole was broken. I repaired it today. I put also my cw skimmer back on line. Have to do some work on the antenna for the skimmer radio.

Oct 222010

Its done

Oct 212010

Finally a new website design has been born. Please your comments on the new design.