Jul 312009

31-07-2009    I have found out that the swr of the 160-80m-40m vertical is going from 1.1 up till 1.9 and higher`
(only  on 160m)  if I run constant power. I discussed it with Jan PA0VAJ and Thomas PA1M.  Jan
came  with the idea that it could be the nylon busses between the vertical itself and the vertical
standers witch hold the vertical. We fired up the amplifier and the nylon busses became hot!
I removed the upper nylon bus and put in place a modified Titanex insulator.

10-07-2009   With help from Jeff w2fu from Green Heron I debugged my remote rotor control
03-07-2009   Prepare for the vhf uhf contest.  Put rotor control box on tight tabel etc see
02-07-2009   Put up the extra mast for the vhf contest with the four clover leaves