Jan 052022





        Operating position 1 HF                                                  Operating position 2 HF


I recently bought two Flex 6600 SDR radio’s. One for VHF and one for HF. This forced me to finally reorganize my shack.
I installed it on such a way that all the equipment is easy to acces.
In previous setting the VHF station was too much apart from the rest.
There are again 3 operating positions. 1 VHF operating position and 2 HF operating positions.

VHF station

VHF operating position



Feb 172020

This summer sporadic E season I want to be qrv on 70 Mhz. Therefore I bought an Icom IC-7300.
I have no antenna yet for the 70 MHz band and have to make a decision if I want a dual bander or a monoband yagi.

Jan 182020

I removed my old home brew Stack Switch from tower 6 and mounted it at the bottom of tower 4 to switch all my 40m antennas.
In tower 6 I mounted a new Stack Switch from MicroHAM.



Dec 112019

When I planned the 4 rotary HF towers in a square I had the idea that I would like to try to build a four squaere for 160m with the towers as radiator.
The towers are to short but with the capacitive head from the Yagi’s on top it should work fine.
I first tested an empty tower. Then I connected a coil at the bottom end tuned the tower to 1825 MHz very fast and easy. I also tuned the towers with an antenna at the top in the same way. Finaly I have tuned all the four towers. Now I know that I can realise this project.

To be continued.



Sep 292019

We removed the SteppIR dipole for 40 meter from tower 6. This one will go to the 40 Meter tower. We also removed the 5 element Opdes yagi for maintenance.

Connecting the StepIR dipole to the crane.es yagi from tower 7 for maintenance.

Me in the tower connecting the Opdes yagi to the Crane.