May 182013

The contracter who is doing the field had problems with the excavator.

The last part of the ditch has been dug and after that the excavator died again.  The contractor brought in another excavator to finish the work. The ditch next to the house is now almost closed.  Some other work has to be done. Hopefully this will be ready after the weekend.


Excavator is front replaces broken crane in the back


View to the field from the house


Excavator is broken. Work on hold.


Ditch finally closed.


May 072013

The land consolidation people started to organize a new dam sot hat i can enter the filed closer by my house.. They also started to dig the ditch round the field and a last they will close the ditch between the house and the field.


Drain pipes for under the dam.


Dam is filled with the drain pipes and sand.








New ditch and a lot of sand.


Only a few meters to go. But next day the excavator would not start up again.



Apr 142013

Finally the cadastral survey people where here. Now I now exact what the new borders from the new property are and now I can start to figure out the positions off the new towers.


Apr 102013

Last 2 meter contest we had some problems with the audio from the 144mhz pc. We could play our wav files after a while but the sound cards did not allow to record the contest with the ne separate program (qsorder) for N1mm. I put an other extra sound card (tks PA1M) in and now it is working fine.

Mar 312013

I had a few trees who where going to be dead, (an expert told me) and one which blocked the 2 meter array in northern direction taken down by Nap PA1NG and a friend of Nap. Two wweks ago the did the first one but it was to windy then to do the other two.
Nap takes the wood home for his wood stove.




One down.











Hmm… the second one fell in the ditch.





Danica is checking the battle













Work done. The two meter yagis have again clear view in the aurora direction

In the Netherlands we may not burn on the ground. In a oil can is ok.
Sure, you think what I think. Rules, rules……..