Oct 072013


There was a small crane at my house for the new electrical connection and that guy helped me to set the eme tower in correct position.


Eme tower only 3.5 meters high.

Sep 292013

When I had six yagis for moonbounce I had on top off a versa tower a very strong head unit. This unit was heavy and that was the reason I stopped with it. I Still have it and now I am redoing my EME station with a small mast I decided to use this unit instead of the unit I was using for a while, which was not strong enough for two meters. Maybe I can use it for a 70 cm array later….

I pulled the unit out of the bush and cleaned it a bit. I painted it and mounted it on a spare yt3a towers section. We made an iron plate between the section and the unit.


We cut a plate and drilled holes in it to connect the head unit to the tower.


Looks nicer when it is painted.


Head unit upside down.







ready to lift it in position.

Sep 072013

In the spring I took my eme tower down. It was not strong enough and repairs where difficult because the antennas where not ease reachable. I ordered an extra tower section at yt3a for te eme tower. We poured some concrete and constructed a base plate. The tower is tilt adjustable

The Base plate was welded by Jan PA0VAJ.


Put the base plate on some wood. The can put exact horizontal with wire ends.


Only have to paint it.





Aug 182013

Today Peter PA4PS, Myself, Jan PA0VAJ, Map PA1NG and Hilco  PC1CP (not on picture) where here to help to bring the tower sections to the field. We also have to select them. It seems that the four towers are build separately. So not all flanges fit to each other. We have two towers complete now.

Pictures Hilco PC1CP.


Jan tells us story….


Ready for transport.


A few sections waiting to be positioned.


Sections ready to be mounted together.


Aug 152013

Today the boys have build the floor for the new radio room and expansion of the livving rrom.


floor with isolation and concrete mats. Below the isolation are concrete beams mounted.


Floor ready. Later the will be poured a second layer of concrete on top off this one.